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5 Best File Transfer App for iOS and Android

5 Best File Transfer App for iOS and Android

Best file transfer app for iOS and Android Transferring files has never been convenient as how it is now. Before, we all need to do series of steps, connect various cords, or use so many devices before we can transfer a 200kb file. However, today, with the help of the developments in information technology, we can just transfer our files in a few taps or clicks without connecting apparatuses in our devices.


Whether it is your downloaded games, documents, songs and movies that you wish to transfer to your other device, there is nothing for you to worry because SHAREit was developed to cater to all these needs of yours. For as long as the devices that you wish to share files with have this application, you can just connect the two devices then drag all the files that you want to copy.


Another mobile transfer app that is loved by the teens or even young professionals is Xender. This application enables the users to send files across platforms. These may be in forms of files, photos, music, videos, contacts and even applications. This app can also transfer data from android to iPhone. What made this app loved by many users is the fact that it works without mobile data usage.

WiFi File Transfer

This application enables its users to upload and download files from one to another device without the hassle of using a USB cable. All you need is a wireless connection to facilitate the file transfer. The application can easily be used because of its user-friendly interface.

Send Anywhere

This file transfer application allows its users to send files of any size as many times as you want without you paying any amount at all. The maximum size that you can utilize when you are browsing through a mobile application is 100 GB, while that’s 300GB when you are using a desktop computer.



This mobile file transfer application offers not just file transmission. It has a file encryption feature that ensures the safety of data. Zapya has an offline chat feature which is unique in this application. Furthermore, it has the functionality of replicating the content of the old phone to the new phone.